Bad Movies With Hot People

One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen may be The Covenant.  I remember going to the movie theater (yeah, saw that one on the big scree) with my college roommate Jan to watch it. It is straight up ridiculous, BUT most people I know have seen it because the cast is so attractive. showing here:

The truth is even if it is a bad story with bad lines and really awkward acting I may actually pay to see it if the cast is super cute.  Coincidentally, the time I watched the Covenant with Jan I also paid to be the only two people in a movie theater (I was actually on the phone with another friend for part of it).

Flash forward to John Tucker Must Die.  This one I at least wised up and RENTED. I guess the allure of Jesse Metcalfe was too much to pass up. Here he is with a sassy cheerleader:

In the NYC Fringe show that I’m in there is a line about beauty fooling people. “we fall for it and die for it all the time.”  I Do Not want to be someone who gets duped by a pretty cast. This is the major reason why I have not yet watched the newest Twilight movie.  If I was to watch it I would only be seeing it because Taylor Lautner is actually pretty stacked and, damn it,  the boy is hot.  So I don’t see it.  I’ll try to watch things that I think are engaging and worthwhile and leave the drooling for the checkout magazine covers….. and this blog.