My First DJ Gig Ever.

As I write this I am switching my attention between two different computers and three different tasks.  One task is clearly this blog entry on this computer.  The second object of my focus is next to my computer.  It’s another computer. This one belongs to my friend Austin and I am using it to run Tracktor LE- his DJ software.

I have the digital DJ studio with me so that I can practice for my first ever DJ gig which is…tonight (now that it’s after midnight). Austin promotes a few parties a week with his co-promoter DJ Executive Realness.  This weekend DJ E.R. needed someone to fill in for him and I was asked if I wanted to learn the ropes and spend Friday and Saturday night living my dream.  I said heck yes.

Tomorrow (tonight) is going to be an interesting night.  Right after work I’ll race home and throw on some black clothes and run to the church. Tomorrow is actually the first evening concert of my church choir which I recently joined.  Tomorrow (tonight) we are singing during a 2 hour “Interfaith” Shabbat Service- this is already slightly unexpected since it is a Catholic church to which I belong. Then, I will  run home, remove my “new-york-blacks” and dress myself in skinny jeans and T-shirt that clings to my chest. Then it’s off to the party to spin the night away.

The Party is East of Eden, it’s hosted by 21st Century Life. and it’s at Vig 27 Bar on 27th at Park Ave. South. Here is the promo picture:

One of the most fun things about DJ culture is the part where you get to invent your own identity.  You make up a name for yourself, you dress yourself, you choose your music style.  I like discovering new DJs and seeing their unique style.

SO… what to name me?

A Long time ago I set my heart on DJ RedScare– but just in case I was missing a great opportunity The Boy and I turned to the internet. Of Course I landed at!  How could I do anything without these help sites?

Ehow had three steps to deciding on a DJ name. Step one: put the letters D-J  infront of your real name. If you are not satisfied, go on to step two.

Step Two: put the letters in front of your nickname.  At this point the tutorial actually lists DJ Gingersnap as an option for red heads-  Kid, I do not.  I tried thinking back to my mom’s nicknames for me, and while I can sort-of imagine people bustin’ a move to the sweet grooves of DJ Squirrely Toes… it just wasn’t perfect.

The last bit of advice was to try and get creative and spell it with unconventional letters or something like that.  I thought of going simply as “DJoe,” then in a last ditch effort I used a DJ name generator which told me to spin as “DJ Brisk Monkey.”  …It’s going to be RedScare.

Anyway.  The last task I was/am splitting my attention with is boiling pasta… and it’s time to give that all of my attention.  Wish me luck tomorrow (tonight).  Both at the Shabbat Service and the Club.  I love all this different music in my life.

6 thoughts on “My First DJ Gig Ever.

    • It was great, thank you. I’d say the nerves died down after song number three. I was most apprehensive about using someone else’s music Library- afraid I wouldn’t know ANY of the music and would be putting things on blind. but, it worked out. Thanks for the Link!

      • I would love that. What I really want is to get better at remixing and mashing songs up ahead of time. There’s a nice thrill just being in the booth and responding to the crowd- I can’t imagine what it would be like to DJ all night long and slip in tracks that you actually created. And nobody would know it’s your stuff, but you would know. I’d say that’s the goal. 🙂

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