I’m Coining the Term “Discoverability Tide”

I am currently working with the New York School of Interior Design to help them develop a new social media strategy.  The school is looking to use facebook, twitter and the other big networks to better engage current students, prospective students, Alumni, and potential donors.

After working with their Communications Director for a period of time I am now charged with creating some sort of document, slideshow or video to convince the rest of the staff and board that we really should be spending work time using the facebook.

I’ve become totally fascinated by social media in the last few years mostly because I see it changing the system of communication. Anytime systems change I get excited.

Yesterday at work I got caught in a long conversation with my colleague about about how the “discoverability tide” is shifting on the internet. It used to be that companies would make themselves a findable website in hopes that interested consumers would visit that website.  Now, thanks to these social networks everyone “has a website,” and we are discoverable to these companies.  Which works well for them because they will put the work in to finding new customers.

They also can better retain customers. If I visit a standard company website, I might never go back again. But if I end up on a fan page and decide to “like” Skittles… well then Skittles can reach out to me as often as they want (everyday)  and I will see it as often as i go on the facebook (also everyday).  They’ve got me everyday now all because I said yes once. A pretty sweet treat for Skittles.

I guess I like scheming, because I’m excited by the strategy involved in all of this.  I also like “plastic” words or expressions that have been invented in the past 2 years.  I just run a google search for “discoverability tide” and I am pleased to announce that there are no results if you search with quotes.  I guess I’ve invented a term.

Is it Cheating to Wait Until You Win and Then Quit?

Tonight my two good friends and I watched the Joan Rivers documentary “A Piece of Work.”  I actually loved it.  I thought that the filming was artful and that her life is completely fascinating.  The most interesting aspect is that the documentary chronicles a relatively low point in her career when she’s faced with long stretches without bookings.  She and her staff search relentlessly for comedy clubs, casinos, cruises and other venues for her to get some facetime and money. In one of the scenes where the team laughs off disappointment my good friend Erin said that she would be Joan Rivers’ assistant. She thought it would be fun.

I don’t think I would want to be somebody’s personal assistant. I’m thinking of people who I idolize or respect deeply, and while I like them, I still don’t think I would want to be a PA.  It’s not that I can’t handle the PA tasks like making phone calls or picking up dry cleaning.  I’ve worked in some jobs that suck and sometimes you do mundane things for your paycheck.  The biggest trouble for me would be watching somebody else do what I wish I could do every day (even if I respect the person).  I can be be a bit jealous. I think it would get the best of me eventually. I think I would start to resent the situation.

I want to always make sure that I am the person Doing.  I don’t even mean Leading, Governing or Starring.  I just mean Doing.  I want the chance to leave my unique mark instead of assisting somebody else  to leave theirs.  With the words of Sister Acts‘ Sister Mary Roberts I ask: “Does that sound like sin to you?  like pride?”

Joan Rivers is proud.  This entire documentary is about how she won’t yeild the spotlight without a fight even after 45 years of work, plenty of money, and the label of Comedy Icon. I want to be hot shit, but I expect that someday I’ll give it a rest.  Ideally I would make some art, make some comfortable money, make some connections, have some great experiences and once I’ve had my fill I will sit at home, eat all day and watch Jeopardy.  I would like to make my mark to show that I can and then immediately embrace some sort of earned rest.  I also want Jeopardy seasons on DVD.

So.  I should probably go to bed so in the  morning I can wake up and conquer the world. Then as soon as I’ve conquered it I’ll give it back and lead a quiet life.   Watch the Doc. It’s good work.

It’s Nanowrimo time again, and I’ve gone back for more.

November is National Novel Writing Month and this year like last year I’ll be participating.  Nanowrimo is  The general premise is that you spend the 30 days from November 1st through the 30th to write a 50,000 word rough draft of a novel.  This falls into the category of things I like in theory.

The Boy loves it.  He spends every spare moment off writing somewhere.  For the next few weeks coffee shops become more exciting to him than Disneyland.

For me the entire process comes off feeling a little like work, but I think that is mostly because of a general lack of time in my life.  What I love about Nanowrimo is that you actually begin to notice your writing skills maturing.   A big part of this is just the confidence to know that you’ve already done it once, but there’s also the ability to look back and ask, what makes this hard for me?

I had a horrible time last year.  I kept wanting it to be something that it wasn’t and I was afraid to shift gears once it got started.   this only led to a major story meltdown about 30,000 words in. Full on characters dropped out, storyliines were abandoned and the main character MOVED as a means of starting things over. oy vey.   It would have been better if I had just let things be a little more flexible as they went.

The other thing that I’m doing this year… is letting the book have an opinion.  Last year I struggled to produce something well crafted, with beautiful writing, and with a simple happy story that nobody could take issue with. This year, I’m letting my personal world views seep in.  The more I read the more I realize that this is unavoidable. For example: With the help of two friends I recently finished Atlas Shrugged– there’s some hefty philosophy contained there, and I disagree with it, but I can still marvel at the story.

SO, this year, while I’m trying to let things develop organically, I made the decision to include 3-4 hot button issues.  This way I can let my soap-boxing fuel the story if needed.

Feel free to ask me how it’s going! I’m sure I’ll have different answers depending on how close we get to the 30th.  My fellow bloggers Sychela at The Cameraphone Diaries and Austin at FabulousApple have written Nanowrimo kick off posts similar to this… you should ask them how it’s going too. 🙂